Spend $30+ & Get a FREE Random Pin or Patch!

What is the Crown Rewards Program?

The Crown Rewards loyalty program is King of the Pin’s *exclusive* loyalty rewards program that allows you to earn exclusive discounts each time you shop. Earn Crown Points to cash in for discounts & free products* on your next order! (*Free Products Coming Soon)

Who can be a part of the Crown Rewards program?

The Crown Rewards loyalty program is open to everyone! Any customers that have made online purchases and have a valid King of the Pin account can join the Crown Rewards program.

How do I earn Crown Points?

When you join the Crown Rewards program, you’ll earn Crown Points when you purchase eligible King of the Pin products! The number of points you earn is based on your membership tier:

  1. “Standard Collectors” earn 1 Crown Point for every $1.00 USD spent.
  2. “Expert Collectors” earn 1.25x Crown Points for every $1.00 USD spent.
  3. “Master Collectors” earn 1.5x Crown Point for every $1.00 USD spent.

A few more things to note:

  • Crown Points are calculated based on the subtotal of your purchase after any discounts have been applied.
  • You don’t earn any Crown Points for dollars spent on applicable taxes, shipping, or handling. 
  • When products are returned for a refund to the original payment method, Crown Points will be deducted from your account for the amount of the return, net of taxes, shipping, and handling.  

What items are eligible to earn Crown Points? 

Eligible products include regular-priced & select-sale items purchased directly by you from our website. 

 Eligible products don’t include:

  • Gift Cards

What can I redeem Crown Points for?

You can redeem your hard-earned Crown Points for certain products and discounts on future orders! Offers include:

Redeeming Discounts

  • 200 Crown Points = $5.00 USD off
  • 400 Crown Points = $10.00 USD off
  • 600 Crown Points = $15.00 USD off

Redeeming Products:

  • 600 Crown Points = Coming Soon
  • 1200 Crown Points = Coming Soon
  • 2400 Crown Points = Coming Soon

What are the Crown Rewards program Membership Tiers?

The Crown Rewards program has 3 membership tiers:  

The Standard Collector Tier: ($1-$599 USD spent / 1-599 CP earned at KINGOFTHEPIN.COM)

When you create an account through our website, you’ll automatically be enrolled at the Standard Collector membership tier!      

The Expert Collector Tier: ($600-$1199 USD spent / 600-1199 CP earned at KINGOFTHEPIN.COM)

If you spend between $600-$1199, you’ll be enrolled into the Expert Collector membership tier! In addition to earning Crown Points, you’ll also be able to participate in Exclusive Promos & Giveaways!

The Master Collector Tier: ($1200 USD or more spent / 1200 or more CP earned at KINGOFTHEPIN.COM)

If you spend $1200 or more (amazing!), you’ll be enrolled in the Master Collector membership tier! In addition to earning Crown Points, you’ll also be able to participate in Exclusive Promos & Giveaways & Gain Early Access to Restocks and a FREE Rewards Pack!

Do my Crown Points or Tier membership ever expire? 

Crown Points automatically expire after 365 days of no Crown Points being earned. It’s your responsibility to monitor your account and Crown Point balance. If you don’t make a purchase or earn any Crown Points in 365 days, all of your Crown Points will expire. Please note that redeeming your Crown Points does not qualify as a “purchase”. 

Your membership tier is determined by the amount you spend on eligible products within a rolling 12-month period.

For example, if you spend $600 USD on eligible products, you’ll be enrolled as an “Expert Collector” for a period of 12 months from the original date of purchase. You must spend at least an additional $600 USD during that 12-month period of being an “Expert Collector” to remain in that tier. If you spend less than $600 USD, your membership tier will automatically be changed to the correct tier based on the amount you spent on Qualifying Products in that period.

Can I earn Crown Points without purchasing anything?

Yes! We offer a ton of different opportunities to earn extra Crown Points! (yay!)

Here’s are just a few different ways you can earn extra Crown Points:

  • Creating an Account = 100 CP
  • Placing Your First Order = 100 CP
  • Daily Shop Check-In = 4/Day
  • Writing Your First Review = 100 CP
  • Writing Each Additional Review = 50 CP
  • Birthday Gift = 200 CP
  • Refer A Friend (Friend Must Place An Order) = 200 CP
  • Each Add’l Friends Order = 50 CP Each Extra Order
  • Each KOTP Social Share = 10 CP

Can I transfer my Crown Points or send them to a friend/family member? 

Unfortunately, the Crown Rewards loyalty program doesn’t currently offer this option. All the points you earn are just for you! 🙂